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Contact probes and receptacle are developed especially for testing electrical requirements in a variety of applications. They provide a reliability means to test in bare, loaded rigid or flexible printed circuit board and other circuitries where a number of contact points must be accessed.



     -FR4 Laminate
   -FR5 Laminate
   -Environmental Laminate
   -Anti-Static and High Heat Resistance
   -Anti-Static Bakelite


Epoxy glass fiber laminates, offering comprehensive laminate solutions including FR4 G10/G11 laminates, halogen-free laminates, FR5 high-Tg laminates and phenolic resin laminates. Various applications such as FPC, PCB, Fixture, SMT solder carrier, electrical insulation and other specialties.



     -SK-5899 SERIES
   -SH-8799 SERIES
   -TU-131 SERIES
   -TU-133 SERIES
   -HN-7199 SERIES
   -KH-1799 SERIES
   -PCB Laminated Cushion Pad
   -UO-5699 SERIES


Master rubber manufacturing for various commercial and industrial applications such as keypad, seal, washer, feet, tube, cords and beyond that, we are able to develop to specific application and requirement and OEM such as FDA silicone sheet, silicone coated PET sheet, silicone sponge, silicone sheet for heat pressing, hot stamping, thermal conductive, gap filler and so on.





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