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UNIVERSAL PART AND SERVICE CO.,LTD. since 2004 as we began supplied electronics machinary spare parts and relevant consumable products till 2009. We have expanded our product range of various materials supply from our reliable sources, partners, OEM manufacturers arround the globe for example Taiwan, Hongkong, China, US, UK, German and more. We are capability to supply chain management for any custom material demand industrially required.
2011 onward we gain business sector to provide industrially services such as Electronics PCBA repairing, Factory automation and Factory facilitation(Water treatment, water softener, RO&DI water, Colling PAD throughout Energy saving projection) etc.

We have a strong commitment team to source, supply and provide our products delivering to our customer from our reliable sources/partner/OEM manufactures with constant quality and ontime. Both products/services we have provided and created to deliver must meet our core principle of "Customer First&Customer satisfaction"

*Reliable quality product and service.
*Customer price right.
*Ontime delivery.
*After sales service.



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